Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Lady Looking

Lady, Lady looking
For something that will last
Is she looking to the future
Or remembering the past

Looking to the distance
Or close behind her eyes
Does she see the city
And mourn it’s sad demise

Or is she merely being
With her child and staff in hand
Taking time to wonder
A woman of this land

Of peace and yet a warrior
Determined to do right
Protective on her outcrop
Through the day and night

We love her very presence here
Guarding near the wharf
Her spirit strong yet gentle
Will her mana morph
Morph into a spirit
Which reminds us to stand tall
And keep right on going
Despite our losing all

She’s a woman of our village
But belongs to all the earth
Encourages serenity
And enriches worth

We hope that she can stay with us
For a little while
For the place will seem quite empty
Without her enigmatic smile

For the Lovely sculpture made by Alison Erickson
Written Feb 10th 2013 Jan Cole

1 comment:

  1. Beautifully written Jan. It was so good to hear you recite this at our last meeting. Rgds, Patricia