Monday, December 17, 2012


Would you like to be one?
And Lord it all about
Have flowers, bows, and curtsies
And walk the cheering route

Smiling at the babies
Hugging all the Grans
Even though you’re sick and tired
You must please all your fans

Oh, it’s hard to be a Royal
When you can’t do wrong for right
You’re dying to dress in crazy clothes
And dance right through the night

But if you do - it’s certain sure
That disguised there in the throng
Will be a rave reporter
Who’ll snap you doing wrong

Slurring all your adjectives
Cross-eyed in your beer
Drunk in charge of Country’
Is the Anthem that You’ll hear!
So - you try to be more careful
And stay home every night
Tucked up in your palace
With not a blonde in sight

Just corgis for your company
Slippers and TV
What’s the point in being rich?
If you can’t be wild and free

So I’m sorry for the Royals
I’d rather just be me
Unrestricted by a Crown
Or reporters stalking me

I’ll leave them to their Royalty
To their lives lived in the lense
Prisms of the media
Creating latest trends

We‘ll look for them in magazines
In glad-rags, hats and all
And make believe they’re ‘other’
When they’re really not at all!

Jan Cole
© Copyright Act 1994

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