Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Cat’s Tale
Patricia Shannon

“Hello! Is anybody there? Look at me please!”
I tip-toe into the living-room, proudly showing my catch of the day – a tiny sparrow.
“Well, how about dinner?” I drop the small bird on the floor. There’s no response.
The room appears empty.
“At least my Egyptian ancestors were appreciated when they brought back their prey for the family table. These people, on the other hand, are so ungrateful!”
“Kitty, what have you got there?”
I jump up at the sound of my lady’s voice.
“Oh no, here we go again. No doubt she’ll start complaining about my crude behavior.”
“Kitty! There you are. What have you done? The poor bird! Why do you always have to kill these defenseless creatures? You really shouldn’t do that anymore!”
“What? Did she just tell me what not to do? That's outrageous!”
Offended, I sweep my tail left and right.
“Show some respect lady. After all, I am a descendant of Bast, The Egyptian goddess of love and fertility. Well, she may have had the body of a woman, but her head was that of a cat. Nobody’s purrrfect. However, worshipping her would guarantee many children for a family. May be you would have had them too, if you had honored me.” Defiantly I look up at my owner.
“Honey, I’m home!” The front door slams. Two big feet almost shatter my voluptuous tail.
“The man of the house. He’s even worse! I can’t understand what he’s talking about half of the time. Doesn’t he read any books? Then he’d know my ears are less sensitive to lower frequencies. Maybe, if he’d change it to a high-pitched tone, I might listen.”
The fridge door opens.
“Ha, finally, dinner! Wonder what she’ll put in front of me? Perhaps, if I’m extra loveable, dance around her legs, purring, she might give me something special today?”
The plastic food tray is being put down on the tile floor, which means it’s ready.
“Careful, not too hasty. Have a bit of a sniff first.” Cautiously, I taste the food.
“Oh no, not that. What's this? Give me a break! There’s no way I’m going to eat this stuff. It makes me sick.”
I look around. To my astonishment, the old man sits on my chair!
“All right, this is it. I’m finished here. I’m going on my own hunt once more. Plenty of mice in the cornfields. Better be quick, before she closes the windows. One calculated jump and I´m out of here.” And off I go.
“Good, it’s dark. Now I can see much better than the others. Mice, play time is over. The catcher is on its way!”
I leap over the fence, into the dark night. Half way down the track my attention is drawn to a pitiful meow.
“Sounds like a fellow cat in trouble. Where does it come from? Let’s have a look.
After all a cat may even look at a king they say.”
The noise becomes more distinct. Then I see the huge black Tom.
“Mm, quite a guy. But what’s all the fuzz?” Carefully, I sneak closer. Let’s see which way the cat jumps.
“What’s that, around Tom’s neck? A rope and it must be very tight. The poor fellow can hardly breathe. How did it get there? No doubt by the hand of a human. Those sons of bitches. And they all call themselves animal lovers. It is so disgusting.” I close in on him.
“Meow, what happened to you big guy?”
Gasping for air, he mutters. “Glad to see you. I almost got hanged. Almost cost me one of my nine lives you know. I was able to free myself before it was too late. You’ve got to help me getting rid of this rope. Try anything, with your teeth and claws. Be quick will you.” He gasped for air again.
“All right, I’ll try.” With my powerful claws I attempt to undo the leash, bit through the rope. It is no use.
“Meow, there’s someone coming. I’ve got to hide.”
But for Tom there was no escape. He couldn’t move. A strong female hand grabbed him and took him away.
“Not again!” I’m frantic. “Here am I, thinking I have a miserable life! I’ve got to follow them, see where she’s taking him.” I keep an eye on them and follow them right up to a house. When the woman takes Tom inside, I sneak in through an open window.
“He, what’s this? There are cats everywhere. I see them on the stairs, in the hall, in the lounge room and the kitchen. There’s a cat with one eye and there, that one’s got no tail?”
I watch the woman carefully untying the rope from Tom’s neck. She caresses him, under his chin and behind his ears. Wish I could trade places. She talks to him, gently, comforting him. She gives him something to eat.
“Mm, that smells good. May be I can have a little bite too?” I’ll have to watch the others though. It’s their domain and they’ll probably want to show off. I think I’ll stay here for a while. Not bad, not bad at all.”
Having cleaned myself I lie to rest. Exhausted from my midnight adventure, I quickly fall asleep.

The next day, Tom is feeling much better and I accompany him, ascertaining the situation. We conclude this is a wonderful shelter for those of us who are abandoned and injured. We begin to appreciate the woman for her endless devotion. This afternoon I hear the door bell ring. Right after that I hear a familiar voice.
“I’ve got to get out of sight. I don’t want to go back.” I search for a good hiding place but I’m too slow.
“Kitty, is that you? Yes it is. How did you get here? I’ve been looking all over for you today.” Two hands grab me and I’m up in the air, looking at the huge smiling face of my lady.
I manage to escape from this suffocating embrace and quickly walk up to Tom.
I hear the woman of the house talk about food and care. “Is she telling my lady how things stand? Is she telling her how to feed me and to give me some variety in my food?” I prick up my tiny ears. “Now she’s telling her to get a scratch post and to clean the litter pan in time.
“Care for her as if it is your own child.”
That’s good, very good. Please continue. Way to go!”
“Thank you so much,” I hear my owner say. “I will do all the things you told me and hopefully Kitty will stay at home then.”
“Yes, yes” All right! She let the cat out of the bag. Now she’s talking.” I turn to Tom.
“Looks like I’m going home. Hope you’ll find a nice place to stay too.”
“Thanks Kitty but I think I’ll stick around here for a while. Good luck. Don’t let yourself be sat upon.”
“I won’t. Good luck to you too Tom.”
With my tail in the air I follow my lady down the street.

© Copyright Act 1994

A Strange Ship in Port
Patricia Shannon

Abby sat at her dining table, overlooking the sea. The waves were calmly rolling onto the beach. It was a beautiful afternoon. She had a pen and paper in front of her. Her long curly auburn hair surrounded her olive coloured face. She picked up the silver pen and started writing. It was a letter to a perfect stranger. Her thoughts drifted away.
Two days ago she was at the Marina where she spotted a large yacht, which was rather unusual for the time of the year. She decided she wanted to have a closer look. Just when she walked onto the entry board of the ship she heard a low, sensual, male voice behind her. “And who,” he said, “are you?”
Abby turned around and was immediately taken aback by the man she saw. Not just by his great looks, the sun brightning his beautiful blonde hair and flashing into his magnetic green eyes. It was his whole presence. The masculinity, his aura. She never experienced such instant attraction before.
Desperately trying to remain calm, she smiled her most beautiful smile. “I've been asked to look at the ship,” she lied smoothly. “And you are sneaking onto the ship because?” He asked, intensily looking her up and down. “Because it's the only strange ship in port,” Abby replied. She felt uneasy. “So,” she said, looking at her gorgeous opponent. “And who are you?” “Why should I tell you?” He teased her. “Because I ask you nicely,” she sulked. Their eyes met and she felt the colour appear in her cheeks. “Mmm.” He looked at her even more intense now.
My name is Rob Brewer. I'm the owner of this suspicious vessel.” He smiled radiantly and Abby could see his perfect white teeth. It took her breath away. “Now that you've come this far,” he continued, “let me show you around.” He bowed and guided her on board. She couldn't believe her eyes.
The living quarters had soft sofa lounges, seating lots of people, lush velvet carpets and curtains and a bar. The wooden walls were satin varnished. The beds were king size. The bathrooms had large baths and there was a steam room. It was a very luxurious yacht. There even was a swim platform and exercise room. During their walk, there arms briefly touched and immediately a warm glow went through her entire body. Her heart pounded. Would he notice?
Abby laid down her pen and looked at the paper in front of her. All that she had written so far was “dear Rob.” How could she explain to a man she only just met how she yearned for him? How she felt. She knew she had met her dream prince. He made her feel completely helpless, breathless.
She gazed at the sea with her bright blue eyes, trying to find the answer somewhere in between the waves. How she wanted to touch him, to scent him and to see him at this very moment. Did he feel the same way? There certainly had been chemistry between them.
She walked towards the windows. She saw a man on the beach. He walked towards her house. It was him! She got ecstatic! She rushed out the door and when they met, words weren't necessary. They kissed passionately for a long, long time, with a most perfect sunset at the horizon.

The End.

                                                                © Copyright Act 1994

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  1. Patricia - its so good to read your work on the site at last! We loved the 'Cat's Tale' - of course!! Jan and Brenda.