Monday, November 26, 2012

The Group.
Frances Thompson.

An interesting group of people gathered from all walks of life. Diverse? Yes, interesting certainly. Talented? Yes, gifted really.

A multi-mix of alternative views, a common passion – the written word. The poetry of a man's soul comes through his or her writing.

Inflections of voice, reading the words that they have laboured over and brought to the group, is touching, like a violin bow extracting the most from the instrument.

Part of oneself goes into the words, carefully chosen to express the ideas that the imagination has concocted, and a bond is formed, knitting the group together, still different, still diverse, still tentatively reaching for a better vocabulary, a more intuitive expressiveness, a meeting of minds, an appreciation of diversity.

One ponders the fruits of their labour long after the group has parted until the next meeting when once again the soul is bared and we bring our baby to the group, wrapped in love – the best we could produce. It takes courage to unwrap the fruits of our labour, aware of the imperfections, people are touched, are polite, are considering, letting the words mull, pondering.

A little like the pause after an orchestra has given of its best, savouring, applauding, delighting in being part of the group.

Frances Thompson
© Copyright Act 1994

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  1. Hi Frances, thank you so much for this wonderful contribution about the group! Best wishes, Patricia Shannon.