Thursday, January 17, 2013

Patricia Shannon

The majestic trees in the forest stood tall and proud. They flung their branches up to the sun to frame the deep blue sky. They swayed to the rhythm of the wind and their leaves fluttered like graceful butterflies. Energetic red squirrels chased each other high up in the trees, cleverly using their bushy tails to keep their balance. The sounds of different types of birds filled the air. Amidst all this beauty of nature, there was a disturbance. Twigs on the ground snapped. Bushes were pushed aside. The birds and ground animals quickly got out of the way.
The source of this disturbance soon became clear when a loud scream of despair echoed through the woods. “By all the Gods! Where is it! It must be here, somewhere! Tell me where it is, oh trees! I am Forato, the God of this forest. It is important that I find it. At least give me a clue!”
The faun looked up and he looked down. He continued his plea. “I know you are hurting so help me out here!” There was a slow, sad rustle, then nothing. “Fine. Have it your way,” Forato exclaimed angrily. “I will find it. With or without your help.” He threw his long arms up in the air. He took large steps. The forest was a dark, tangled maze, difficult to find a way through. Again he pushed everything aside on his path. Yet he was careful not to hurt or destroy anything.
Then, as if struck by lightning, he abruptly stood still. His eyes were drawn to a giant tree trunk. He noticed a small door. Like some prehistoric beast, the huge twisted limbs of the tree guarded the entrance. He gazed at it for a while. “Now what,” he thought. “This door is new to me. I have never seen this here before and I've roamed these woods for a long, long time. Most peculiar, most peculiar indeed.”
Slowly and with care, he approached the door. His claw-shaped fingers reached for the handle. It squeaked when he opened it. Inside tall candles lit a long corridor with at the end yet another door. Forato had to bend his giant body to fit through.
The second door was far bigger than the first one. Made out of thick, solid wood, hanging in huge golden hinges. There was no handle, only a large iron ring in the middle. For a moment Forato hesitated. Then he slammed the metal ring onto the door, which resulted in a large eerie sound echoing through the corridor. The enormous door began to open itself. A room became visible, cleverly built in between the roots of the ancient tree. A greenish gloom filled the room. A round, pompous wooden table doomed up, carrying a large book. A book with a brown leather cover and letters of gold, glowing softly in the dark.
As soon as Forato entered the otherwise dark room, the book opened up. A deep male voice began to speak. It startled Forato. “Halt! Who are you?” It asked. “What is the purpose of your entering this hallowed place?”
“My name is Forato. I am the faun of this forest. I seek the sacred book. The book to guide me in the fight against the human invasion.”
“Ah! It is you that I have waited for,” the voice answered. “You've come to the right place. I will serve you. I will tell you all you need to know. But beware!” The voice continued. “If you were ever to misuse this book, you will regret ever to have laid eyes on it!”
Hearing these words, Forato felt humble and powerless.
“I will not disappoint you oh sacred one,” he pledged. “Together we will concur the humans and save these woods and animals!”
Upon this vow, the book closed itself and flew towards Forato. He carefully held it and went on his way to his own den, to find the path to save the forest.

The End.

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  1. Oh yeh..I'm so glad you have put it here...I love it Patricia ....Jan