Monday, November 19, 2012

Singularity of thought

Daily the bell tolls for self-preservation, as the architects of this world hell watch the multitudes swell. Capitalism is torture, treason of which, can result in slaughter.

Still, the mind's dark-workshop inquires: does the destruction of all ethics make humans -kind or unkind? Irresolvable paradox and heterodox. The internal and external moral “ought”. The science of the Enlightenment and all its taught. A Judeo-Christian fundamental theocracy. A political, philosophical, humanitarian hypocrisy. An inherent quality of fragility commensurate with nauseous futility.

Such questions in unceasingly perplexed states led to a perpetual examination of the sages and their wisdom passed down through the ages. The being and the object, internal and external stimuli, factual causation, a question of degree and decree. The point of collapse and how it detracts left a metaphorical abstract. Conception and inception. Social constructionist and genetic manifestations of “self” fall from the mantle piece shelf.

Life when viewed as tangible existence still meets metaphysical resistance. In absence of physicality all ceases criminality. Deference to singularity of thought necessitates in naught. Configurations of immutable yet unsustainable complexities, inextricably bound, but making no sound.

N Thomas

© Copyright Act 1994

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