Friday, October 19, 2012

October Morning

The morning dawns
Sun-drenched crisp
And blue,
Echoes of winter
held within its promise.

Magpies doodle in the distance
And I can see
Two Kereru canoodle
On a Gum-Tree branch
discussing nest sites.

Pigeon Real Estate?

This stillness, welcome pause
from Springtime gales and restlessness.

Now my cats sit all together
mungst the roses
Staring up the harbour
Where a huge ships floats
on her way to Lyttelton.
On this day in October
Diamond Harbour shines.
I will go,
make myself a coffee
and sip it in the sun.

                                                                © Copyright Act 1994

The Line Between

How close we skim the unseen line between
One moment peace of mind the next a darkly guarded dream

Stirring murky pools - revealing past
To darken now the present with unexpected blast
Of cold and icy fragments piercing deep
The endless fount of memories stored in depths of sleep.
If but
Released into the sunlight - so exposed
As to wash away the power, darkness had enclosed

Dissolving in the Heavens subtle hue
The patterns of a decade – vanished in the blue.

© Copyright Act 1994

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