Thursday, October 18, 2012

Harvest time!

How to make a Poire d'Anjou (Pear Cake)

First, fossick around in a garden centre
choosing the ‘just right’ tree
with promising shoots and sturdy roots
to be planted with lip-licking glee!

A year, maybe three, of patience
before it will start to fruit.
Thinning a discipline painful
yet essential there is no dooubt.

Waiting for harvest to ripen
can be a difficult part.
Yet smelling their perfume when ready
zooms straight to the heart.

Heat up your oven correctly
mix your ingredients now
Flour and honey with butter
warm milk – straight from the cow?

Anticipation and trembling
juice running right down the chin
Out of the oven its coming….

I can’t get it out of the tin!

Brenda W.
© Copyright Act 1994

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  1. I love this Brenda..and how I laughed at the end!!!!!