Saturday, December 03, 2016

Abduction in Moscow


Patricia Shannon

Vladimir Dorokhov thought about Alexandra Tsarov. The snow flurried down on Old Arbat Street, in the historical centre of Moscow. He looked worried. Yesterday she told him she didn't need him in her life anymore! When she left him behind that afternoon, two big, strong men wearing balaclavas, abducted her and forced her into a van. Leaving him aghast and even more confused.

Did she know danger lurked around the corner? Had she wanted to protect him by breaking up? Questions only Alexandra could answer. Where did they take her? Who was responsible? He needed to take action!

Vladimir walked over to the huge fireplace in his living room. He touched the wing of an eagle, carved out of wood, guarding the hearth, it seemed. The wall gave way and revealed a secret room with large computer screens and other high-tech devices.

He poured himself a glass of vodka and sat behind the main computer. His experience in the intelligence field guided him in his search for information. He discovered that his charming, elegant friend Alexandra led a dangerous double life. Being a spy himself, he admired her ability to hide it from him. He never imagined her to compromise their work in the same field! What an eye-opener!

Reflecting on their five-year relationship, her at times awkward behaviour now made more sense. All along, she'd been controlling their alliance. In fact, she used him to gain access to certain information. The slim built Alexandra with her long, curly auburn hair, blue eyes, and immaculate wardrobe had fooled him.

This revelation made her even more interesting. If she double-crossed her Russian employer, her abductors could either be KGB or American Intelligence, he reasoned. He looked at the footing of his security camera to get a clearer picture of the van and its license plate. The plate was difficult to read but, he managed to figure it out. After further research, it turned out to be hired by an American. The name of whom sounded familiar. An old friend who owed him a favour.

Vladimir switched off the machines and closed the wall. After another glass of vodka, he changed into his spy outfit, gathered his gadgets and left the building in his black Bugatti. The snow stopped falling but, he still had to be vigilant. With the touch of a button, he switched to ultra sturdy ice tyres, to get more grip on the road.

An hour later, he stopped at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. He left his car with the valet and announced his arrival at the reception desk. The clerk made a phone call. Minutes later, he took the elevator to the 12th floor and went to room 1210.

Once he arrived at his end point, he knocked on the door. He froze when Alexandra greeted him with her most charming smile. “I knew you'd come to rescue me!” she said, defiant.
He remained silent and stepped inside. The snow started again and blew against the hotel window.

Hello my darling,” he replied, calm but on guard. “And hello Richard!” He turned to the tall, distinguished man in the corner of the room.

Vladimir! My long-time friend and enemy! It's great to see you again!” Richard greeted him with a humorous glint in his eyes. “I'd say we are even now, don't you think?”

Alexandra gazed at Vladimir with the affection of a puppy dog. “Forgive me, Lapochka, I love you! All I wanted was attention and recognition. I never intended to betray you!”
Of course not,” he lied. “But you sure know how to persuade a man! Clever to make me suspect you walked over to the Americans!”

I guess you no longer need me?” Richard asked. “I'll leave you two alone to sort things out.” He kissed Alexandra on the cheek and left the room.

Vladimir watched her with mixed feelings. Was this another one of her games? How could he ever trust her?

He looked at the exquisite furniture in the room and saw the huge, inviting king size bed. A chance he wouldn't pass up.
Shall we?” he asked her with a courteous gesture. Strong, confident yet kind and sensitive. She blushed and surrendered to his James Bond style romantic move.

Outside the cold-blooded storm raged on.

The End

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  1. I like it Patricia. And we are still left wondering!