Friday, April 25, 2014

Burning Wood
Patricia Shannon

Winter is near, I can tell.
My nose detects an awful smell.
A blanket of smog lingers in the air,
blown out of chimneys everywhere.

It's supposed to be a beautiful day,
yet the smoke appears to stay.
We cannot leave our windows ajar
because of the stench, it is bizarre.

The nauseating fumes make me sick,
oh, why is the smog so thick?
Why do people still use wood?
Don't they know it is no good?

It pollutes the air and environment
and spreads around this dreadful scent.
A scent that poisons lungs inside
and causes severe illness, nationwide.

It is not clean, it is not green,
how come the dangers are not seen?
Other options appear to be dear
but only slightly, that much is clear.

There certainly are better ways
and trust me, in the end it pays.
It will not cost more in the end
and it will be money well spent.

Far less medical costs in fact
and the forests stay in tact.
Burning wood is as ancient as can be,
so please, please, hear my plea.

It's time to change this age-old habit
and together we'll save the planet.
Really, it is all for the best.
No more wood is my request.

The End.

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