Sunday, April 06, 2014

Patricia Shannon

Buorno, a white and strong muscular longhorn bull, is a force to be reckoned with. His horns are enormous. He rides the waves of a dark blue ocean on planet Planocia, in a galaxy far away. His hoofs barely touch the water. Small waterspouts come out of his nose. Goddess Niphona, who rules the waters on the planet, sits on his back.
Her beautiful long blond hair swirls behind her in the wind. She carries her bow and arrows around her shoulder. Knives and sling stones are tightly secured around her slim waist. She wears her fighting bodice, made out of long needle-like shark teeth and the spines of a sea urchin.
Rumour has it that Forato, the God of the forests, wishes to gain total control over Planocia.
What if it is true?' Buorno wonders. “What if the monster Forato created invades your underwater castle my goddess? We need to come up with a way to fight it!” He feels the reins around his neck tighten. “I'm sure we can handle this Buorno,” she replies, “I'm sure!”
Then let's go to the forest to find out what we are up against!” Buorno proposes.
He gradually spreads his gigantic wings. He leaps into the red and yellow skies of the planet and almost collides in mid air with Fento, a beautiful red fantail bird.
Am I glad to see you!” It screeches. “I have bad news!”
Well, what are you waiting for?” Buorno bellows, annoyed by the close encounter. “You have our attention now! We're listening!”
Gazano is in a lot of danger. His life is at risk! Owala the owl has taken him to Forato's castle. He's been thrown in the dungeons,” the bird explains. “I'm sure Forato shall kill him if he has no more use for him!”
What? That's awful!Buorno reacts upset. “So Forato is up to dirty games! Well, we can play that game too, isn't it my dear goddess?!” He breezes and tramples in the air. He's both shocked and angry by this terrible news.
What about this monster he's having trained? Have you seen it?” he demands.
No, no-one is allowed to see it. I heard it's ready to be used soon though.” The bird looks sad.
It's obvious to Buorno that urgent action is required to free his snake friend Gazano.
Thanks for the warning,” he says gratefully. “Perhaps you can be of help. Please gather as many birds as possible to join us to free Gazano! And, try to find out where Forato keeps this monstrosity. Assemble everyone at the edge of the forest, at the ancient oak tree.”
Sure Buorno, you can count on me!” Fento replies. He quickly takes off into the sky.
The ancient oak tree is an important part of a plan that slowly develops in Buorno's mind. The tree is old and wise. It isn't particularly fond of Forato either. The tree may become an important strong ally in their fight against the Forest God.
Buorno is keen to continue their flight over the ocean towards the dangerous forest.
Who knows what else we'll encounter along the way my goddess,” he warns.
Whatever it is, we are both ready to deal with any situation. I'm glad you are with me, Buorno my friend!”
So am I, Niphona,” he responds. “So am I.”

The End

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