Monday, March 10, 2014

Solo Performance
Jane Seatter

She played the part of Mary
who met Jesus at the well.
With long fair hair and the face of a cherub,
she portrayed the anguish
felt by women
who've had rotten bad luck
with the blokes in their lives.

So convincing.
A wronged woman
accepted by Jesus,
returns to her world
with feelings of worth.

And although I'm very sympathetic -
full of sisterhood understanding in fact -
I do wonder.

What about the fella she was living with?
Pretty good of him to take her in,
considering her murky past -
or is he a right proper one?

A devout woman,
full of Christian Light
arriving late for her church performance.

I saw her walking towards me
with a not-too-innocent walk,
smoking a cigarette.

She played the part well -
as we do.

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