Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In An Eggshell
Charlotte McCoy

We were gifted some chickens
Shaken up by The Quake.
We wanted some eggs
And they needed a break.

We made them a coop
And lined it with straw.
It had a wee perch
And a welcoming door.

The weeks went by,
We waited and waited,
But rarely an egg
We felt we'd been cheated.

We checked and we checked
in the comfortable coop.
They pecked and they pecked
But they never bore fruit.

Then some months later
While out in the garden
A major discovery
Granted them Pardon.

A whole stash of treasure
Was stored in the hedge!
Our chickens had laid us
A bounty of eggs!

We said they were no good
But we were so wrong
They were grateful for refuge
And laid all along.

Which just goes to show
Nothing runs by the book
The answer is out there
You just have to look.

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