Thursday, September 26, 2013

Before We Came

                                               Jan Cole  September 2013

Before we Came
Before we came the forests covered all the land
Before we came the Kokako sang in the Totara tree
Before we came the Tuatara strolled the sand
Before we came the eagles flew, as big as you and me

Before we came, birds walked the bush without fear
Before we came, they laid their eggs in peace
Before we came, the rivers flowed clean and sparkling clear
Before we came, they tumbled over rocks and boulders without cease

Before we came, the lake-shore was live with bird life
Before we came, the water teamed with fish
Before we came, chemicals were not rife
Before we came, this land was what we might wish

Before we came, the bird-song was deafening
Before we came, the Huia worked the trees
Before we came, the land was all in balance
Before we came, the creatures did what they pleased

When we came, we ignored the land-speak
We ignored the frantic calling of the trees
We took for granted, the pureness of the water
And poisoned creatures of all sizes even bees
Now we're here how can we address our failings
To care for land and bird and sea?
Grow back safe places for our wildlife
It's up to all especially you and me

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