Friday, June 21, 2013

Through the window

Iridescent images infiltrate my mind and chaotic light explosions leave me blind. A discoloured leaf clings precariously to a tree, decays, then is set free. Through the window I view the black sea, and I contemplate was is to be. Is it the mountain ranges forming the backdrop to this landscape that to me estranges? I see endless connectivity disclosed to me through a window of relativity. What point is there to enscribe onto these pages when all civilizations are destroyed throughout the ages.

Am I predestined to see order through an historical perspective or a universal objective? Through the window things appear so sublime but despondency sets in over time. What I see through the window anew ,alas, seconds later diminishes from my view. No constant notions pervade my thoughts, instead equations amounting to naught. Through the window no answers for me lie, but when it stares back at me it asks why. Through the window is a prism but also a mental schism resulting in self-derision.

I implore of you never to cast your gaze through the window too long, for all can go wrong.

N Thomas

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