Tuesday, April 19, 2016



              John Riminton

Madness came out of his cavern,
Wondering which way to go;
A whole world lay out there before him
With too many choices to know.

How to create the most folly?
What tools to use on the way?
It isn't as though he had logic
To help him dive into the fray.

Politics, greed and corruption
All shouted aloud for his aid;
But which one would be most contagious
And leave the world totally frayed?

Eureka! The answer came to him
Combine the three into one mould.
Who could resist that tri-union
And leave themselves out of the fold?

And which tool to use was quite easy
Wilful blindness ahead of the bunch
Ignoring the facts all around one!
Hurrah! He could go off to lunch.

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