Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Villa Gloria
Jan Cole

The Villa Gloria has lilac hedge surrounds
A foreign prompted memory in truth abounds
Reminding me on stay out here in distant land
That cherished love from past is still at hand.

High stone wall, inset with grey-blue gates
Echoes stems of lilac — this year flowering late
Encompassing a garden wild but with a friendly air
I sit outside and wish — if only I could linger there.

Amongst the lilac wild and blooming late
And climbing roses just inside the garden gate
To tarry here away from tests of life
And put aside the burden of worries causing strife.

I compose then hear the message as I write
The garden grows right here — in my imagination glowing bright
A place to take some time in every now and then
To restore my soul — when life prods at me again.

Prompted by a beautiful, wild, lilac hedge, which reminded me of the one
surrounding the house where I lived as a child.
Jan Cole

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