Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dying of Laughter
Charlotte McCoy

Someone in the witty group
Utters something, flicks a look
And that’s enough to get me going
Better watch now, what I’m doing.

In my tummy, forms a rumble
Then from my mouth the laughter tumbles
My mates say, “Oh no, here it comes!
What did we say? What have we done?”

My mouth has cracked into a smile
And I’m giggling like a child.
Tears are rolling down my cheeks
I haven’t laughed like this for weeks!

I look up to a noisy din
And realise everyone’s joined in
And that’s enough to start anew –
Fit of laughter number two!

My stomach and my ribs are sore
I find I’m rolling round the floor.
By now I’m wishing I could stop
My friends aren’t helping with their snorts.

I laugh so much, can’t catch my breath
This habit might just be my death.
Sure enough, there stands St Peter
With outstretched hand, “Hi, pleased to meet you!”

I enter heaven, led by angels
And there are all the jolly souls
Who’ve died and come up here before me
Murdered by a funny story.

I peek down at my funeral service
My laughing friends are looking nervous
There’s my gravestone, there lies me
Died of laughter – RIP.

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