Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Green Lure
Patricia Shannon

Vanessa gasped for breath as she looked at the rare gemstone.
It was magical and beyond her imagination: her very soul got entranced by the intense green reflection.
Someone rudely broke the spell by speaking to her from behind.
Isn't it amazing?” he asked.
What is?” she responded somewhat irritated.
The Emerald!” the man replied.
She turned around and looked into a pair of exquisite blue eyes.
One of the finest stones,” he continued. “It's from Columbia and worth millions.”
Is that right?” she questioned him, astonished that she had just met this remarkably handsome man in a museum of all places!
Yes,” he explained willingly. “It's also said to have mystical powers, especially in Spring and at full moon.”
Her heart melted when he looked at her.
Some cultures even believe it can foretell the future,” he added.
No wonder I felt attracted to it,” she said jokingly.
Who knows,” he grinned. “Perhaps it's true.”
How come you know all this?” she asked.
Well,” he said, “since you are such a good-looking woman, I let you in on a secret.” He glanced around cautiously. “I'm actually working undercover. I'm here to guard this precious mineral for the owner, a billionaire. Don't tell anyone though!” he whispered. “We don't want to blow my cover!”
You can count on me!” Vanessa promised. She became flustered.
I have to go now,” she announced abruptly. “It was a pleasure meeting you.” She rushed out to avoid further questions. She didn't trust herself to say the right thing.
When she left the museum a few hours later, the doorman stopped her.
A man asked me to give you this,” he said. He handed her a note. “Meet me at the Green Stone Restaurant at eight pm,” it said. It was signed by The Emerald Man.
How ingenious!” she chuckled. “Sure, why not?”
That evening at eight, Vanessa went to the restaurant, dressed in a gorgeous red dress showing off her perfect figure. She was escorted to a table in a separate room, lit with candles and smelling of roses.
I'm glad you came,” a familiar voice spoke from a dark corner of the room. He stepped out into the light. “I knew The Emerald wouldn't let me down. It brought us together, I'm sure of it.”
She smiled radiantly.
I also have a confession to make,” he proceeded. “I told you a little white lie this afternoon. I guarded the stone, but not as an assignment. My name is Richard McBryer and I'm actually the owner of this amazing green jewel. I have it right here, in my right hand pocket.”
Vanessa was speechless.
He went towards her, closer and closer. “Hope it doesn't frighten you?” he spoke softly. She couldn't move when their eyes met, not yet. He pressed his warm lips against hers.
Though she relished the kiss, her hand went down into his jacket. She felt the stone and with the swiftness of an experienced pickpocket thief, she snatched it.
Not that fast dear,” he said, grabbing her hand. “Never trust a complete stranger. I knew we'd catch you in the act this time. As I said before, The Emerald didn't let me down.”
He showed her his badge.
Although admittedly I cherished our brief romance, I'm afraid you're under arrest my love.”

The End. 

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  1. You had me guessing right to the end Patricia!!! Just shows we should not believe every handsome man we meet!!!!!