Thursday, July 17, 2014

Conquering The Bridge
Patricia Shannon

I'm on my way to somewhere. Where? I haven't got a clue.
Normally I'm well prepared, but this time I take the chance and allow destiny to surprise me, to lead me to new and different paths. An impressive bridge dooms up out of the mist. I cannot see the other side and there's no way of knowing where it ends. I'm excited. This is awesome! Closer to the bridge, I still cannot see where I'm going. My heartbeat increases when I place a foot on the wooden boards. When I move on, the bridge begins to sway. I hold on tight to the railing ropes. I'm afraid to look down and I'm glad it's foggy. Cautiously, I continue. I start to feel sick from the swaying in the air, but I ignore it. I'm determined to get to the end. Without warning, something flies right past my head. I freak out, nearly losing my balance, but I manage to hold on. By now I'm sweating, I never imagined crossing a bridge would be difficult, it never was a big deal in the past. I force my brain to think positive; surely it is beautiful on the other side. I want to get there. I continue my quest to conquer my fears. All of a sudden, a few of the wooden boards give way and my foot gets stuck. For a moment I panic. Keep still, I tell myself, I don't want the bridge to sway even more. Slowly, I pull my foot up, out of the gaping hole, on to the more sturdy part of the walk way. I'm relieved, I didn't fall all the way through into the darkness below. I take a deep breath and move forwards once more. The length of the bridge goes on and on. It's almost as if it is a bridge to nowhere. I'm getting tired. It's becoming more and more difficult to hold on. Is it a bridge too far?
But I won't give up. Then, there it is, the other side! My perseverance paid off. Delighted, I have a rest. Meanwhile the fog starts to clear and I see something glistening. I squeeze my eyes, I can't believe it! It 's another bridge!
I wake up, the warm sun touching my face. I have to get ready for the next crossing.

The End

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