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This mortal coil, this infinite swirling ascending and descending correlation of atomic ionized energy, metal, matter, and mass. Unique in appearance, chrome metallic mechanism contorts in unpredictable & inconceivable ways. Metamorphic change of shape and dimension, varying in degrees of intensity- contraction and deflection results in reaction. This in turn alters perception to a phase other than what previously henceforth existed. Momentary suspensions in time, causation contemporaneously creates intensity, pressure, tension, then wreckage.

Critical mass

Decaying rotting leaves sink ever deeper into the earth's core. It is the the shadow of light that spreads darkness over this earth that we deplore. A thousands suns shatter our senses as time stands still. We journey through ancient epochs and witness civilizations systematically kill. Centurions march through history and empires fall, now the souls of a thousand millenniums call. Who dared look beyond the gate into the abyss? The evolution of Oppenheimer's atomic dream degenerates into a collective human scream.

A Childrens Story

Stealthily, the owl and the tiger approached a partially concealed castle. Its once majestic cloisters now decaying into dust. The ancient draw-bridge creaked and groaned with the weight of a thousand centuries dating back to antiquity. A raven perched on a granite gargoyle.

A decrepit voice pierced the icy morning's silence: 'Who is there? 'Why tis us, the owl and the tiger we seeketh the legendary island named Atlantis, good Sir. Then a hooded silhouetted figure stepped into the light The figure introduced himself as Cimbrianus and said: 'You are welcome here, please henceforth avail yourself of my hospitality, food, and wine, and enter forthwith'. Once inside the castle, the owl and the tiger stood mesmerized by the ancient frescoes that aligned the walls and medieval architecture- discoloured by centuries of corrosion. Splintered ethereal stained glass illustrations of the Lutheran reformation shone radiant patterns onto the cold marble floor.

The owl and the tiger asked: “Pray Good Sir, we are desirous in finding the legendary island named Atlantis, do you knoweth of such a place”? 'Indeed, I knoweth the place. Tis a place of perfect tranquility, of eternal childhood, and perfect serenity. But why ought I divulge the secret of the passage to Atlantis- unto thee?' 'Good Sir, we like you, long for eternal childhood tranquility of mind. Daily we long to escape the rigors of the present nefarious world, we long for the sanctity of Atlantis.' 'You must travel across many oceans to find Atlantis. Taketh this silver chalice, and it will guideth you in your navigation across the seas.'

For 10 long and arduous years the owl and the tiger sailed the seven seas- guided by the powers of the magical chalice. Through the treacherous oceans, raging storms, through heaven and hell, night and day, light and dark, and beyond good and evil.

Upon finally reaching what looked like the magnificent island of Atlantis, the owl and the tiger left their craft, walked a short distance, then fell exhausted onto a beach. Scarcely able to muster the strength to raise their heads, they viewed an old man in the forest clearing, a soothsayer no less, sitting in solitude.

The man, known as Abisagrus, spoke in a soft voice, he asked them both to gather around the fire with him. He had heard through the forest grapevine of their travels, indeed he knew of them. After some time, it was with great sadness, that he informed the owl and the tiger that there was no legendary island known as Atlantis. It was merely a part of Greek folklore mythology. Thus all that they had desired and struggled for for 10 long years was in vain. Only this world existed, and nothing more.

N Thomas 
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